What We Do

American Standard Health Care offers primary behavioral health services to help people cope up with medical problems, stress, anxiety, anger, and other behavioral issues. We tailor our treatment services to fit each individual’s behavioral health and needs. We work closely with you to develop treatment plans to improve your behavioral health and well-being.

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Community Support

American Standard Health Care is staffed with experienced Community Support Workers to assist our consumers in achieving rehabilitation and recovery goals.  Community Support services focus on building and maintaining a therapeutic relationship with the Consumer.


American Standard Health Care offers help for individuals experiencing homelessness by offering housing for the mentally ill in addition to  housing solutions for veterans, women impacted by intimate partner violence, and more. American Standard Health Care continues to offer help for those in need through educational and counseling services for those who want to learn more about financing and establishing a home.

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Medication Management

Medication/Somatic Treatment services are medical interventions including: physical examinations; prescription, supervision or administration of mental health-related medications; monitoring and interpreting results of laboratory
diagnostic procedures related to mental health-related medications; and medical interventions needed for effective mental health treatment provided as either an individual or group intervention. 

Medication/Somatic Treatment services include monitoring the side effects and interactions of medications and the adverse reactions a Consumer may experience, and providing education and direction for symptom and medication self-management.

Other Services:

  • Psychiatric Services
  • Mental Health treatment
  • Parenting Skills
  • on Site Therapist
  • Behavioral Support Services
  • Linkage to community Resources
  • Job Placement
  • GED/Education Assistance
  • Food Stamp Assistance
  • Free Smartphones
  • Transportation Assistance
  • SSI & DSS Benefit Assistance
  • Personal Finances & Budgeting
  • Improve your ability to function in social setting