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American Standard Health Care is a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is a rehabilitation treatment program for individuals with chronic mental illness that is based on the recovery and person-centered models of rehabilitation. Individuals are provided skills and support to embrace their mental wellness, enhance the quality of their life, and pursue personally valued roles in their living, learning, work, and social environments.

Our Adult Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) is a mental health rehabilitation support program designed as an alternative to and prevention of in-patient psychiatric hospitalization. Our PRP program addresses the psychiatric rehabilitative needs of clients with chronic mental illness.

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The program is a carf accredited that  provides services to adults with mental illnesses to facilitate the development of their independent living and social skills. The population served in the PRP includes those in homeless shelters, transitional housing programs, and permanent housing programs

Follow-up Psychiatric Evaluation

After the mental health evaluation, the
doctor or licensed mental health professional
will review the results with you. Next, they will recommend
a treatment plan.

Initial Psychiatric Evaluation

You fill out paperwork and assessments to help determine a diagnosis. After that, you’ll have a conversation with the
psychiatrist and an NP or PA may observe.

Medication Management

Medication management is a level of outpatient treatment that involves the
initial evaluation of the patient’s need for psychotropic medications, the provision of a prescription, and ongoing medical monitoring related to the patient’s use of the psychotropic medication
by a qualified physician/prescriber.